Former members of police and military special forces guarantee maximum protection and highest quality & service.


WODAN INTERNATIONAL offers security services for VIP, governmental organizations, companies and private individuals worldwide. For us, close protection is more than just providing protection, it is offering every customer an all-round service. The best close protection service is the one that adds value to your life and makes things easier.


For us personal protection is more than just physical protection! We secure the environment and clarify everything in advance. Choosing the right route to your given POI is essential to ensure protection. Our IT experts also take care of the shielding in the IT environment and protect you from digital attacks.


Our employees in VIP protection are not only trained and certified in close protection, they are also trained in good manners, all have a high degree of education and a stable financial background. We attach great importance to service in all areas and our employees are particularly sensitive in the field of VIP protection. Our employees are also specially trained in how to deal with protection personnel, especially when dealing with children.


Over the last 10 years we have mentored, advised and actively served many GO in direct and indirect protection. Our employees are all security checked and have different security clearances in order to be able to work in the government environment. We also support embassies abroad.


In the field of executive protection, we provide our customers with an all-round service. Also included is access to exclusive modes of transportation such as helicopters, private planes and luxury limousines and sports cars. As with all of our services, discretion is our top priority.


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