Ralf Kassner – CEO and founder  Wodan International

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WODAN INTERNATIONAL is a globally operating company with experienced experts from police and military special units.

WODAN INTERNATIONAL was founded by Ralf Kassner. The German security company operates international and specializes in the areas of training, operational measures, security management and advice and procurement of equipment.

Graduate in administration and former police commissioner Ralf Kassner, born in 1967, was a member of the special police units GSG 9 and SEK for many years and was involved in combating terrorist threats, organized crime, advising on hostage-taking and extortion in many hundreds of operations.

The stations of his career include the anti-terrorist special unit of the Federal Police GSG 9, the special task force SEK, the target search of the State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as the personal protection of high-ranking personalities.

In addition, Ralf Kassner was involved in many national and international training measures, such as with the Delta Force, Navy Seals Team 6, SAS and other international special forces from Europe, North Africa and the Far East.

Every member of the WODAN INTERNATIONAL team has verifiable operational experience from more than 500 national and international operations. All instructors have a variety of expertise in different areas of the special forces.

  • WEF Davos
  • Established International Bodyguard Conference
  • Federal Police Mexico
  • Special Operations Command Europe
  • Training international authorities
  • European football championship Ukraine Exec. Protection 
  • Kosovo Special police and military training
  • Training and consulting DAX companies
  • Security concept and personal protection for exposed families
  • Establishment of a special unit and personal protection commandos in North Africa
  • Consulting/Training Special Teams
  • Training for Special Teams 191 and Thailand Tigers (Thailand)
  • Consulting Carnival Maritime – development of security concept Morocco
  • SWAT Conference USA
  • Consulting in crisis areas.

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